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Are you continue with traditional methods of payroll processing? You can get around the stumbling blocks and keep your business process taut by outsourcing payroll administration services. Calman Analytics ensures smooth payroll management services that can help you save expenses, time, and effort in hiring full-time payroll management professionals. Calman Analytics is a leading payroll outsourcing services provider and is committed to producing results with the highest accuracy and quality.As a professional payroll outsourcing company, we have a qualified team with deep domain expertise, to bring outstanding payroll services and differentiate you amongst your business competitors.

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Learn About Our Process
  • Roll Administration Services
  • Employee salary calculation
  • Providing Management Reports
  • Compliance with the Payroll Laws
  • Management of Employee Lifecycle
  • Payroll Advisory
  • Tax Planning
  • Attendance Management
  • Workers Comp
  • Year-end Processes

The Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Management Service to Calman Analytics

Our payroll management services help you to:

Professional payroll help
Easier than payroll software
Save up to 40% of costs!
Precise, timely, accurate calculation of payroll
Quick Turnaround Time
Scale up or down based on your preferences

Payroll Management Process Overview

Outsourcing your payroll processing is one of the smartest things your company.

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Software’s We Used

Our accounting professionals have expertise on all major accounting software tools both desktop and online.


FAQ's on Outsourcing Payroll Management Service

Here are some questions related to Payroll process that are frequently asked by our clients. If you need more information about Payroll process or have any other question, feel free to contact us.

The cost of outsourcing depends on several factors; including the size of the client organization and the number of employees. Generally, fees are structured as a flat rate per month based on the number of employees;

One of the benefits of outsourcing payroll is that typically the payroll outsourcing provider processes both payroll and tax filing; However, while the payroll service provider may contractually take responsibility for compliance, final accountability will commonly remain with the employer.

All our works go through several quality checks before it is sent to you, so all our work is guaranteed for quality.

Yes. We provide both a fixed monthly fee and a variable hourly fee. You can take any plan based on your situation and requirement.

Yes. We sign non-disclosure agreements and service level agreements (SLAs) for every customer who outsources to Calman Analytics.

Savings can vary significantly depending on your current solution, but our patrons tell us that it is generally between 40% and 50%.

Pricing depends on a number of elements including services, volume of transactions, monthly income and expenses, and more. Pricing start as low as $150 per month. Reach out through the form on this page to get a custom estimate.

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